Michelle Maloy CMT
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Michelle is the most creative massage therapist I've ever encountered. she not only understands that every individual has different needs, but that the same individual can have different needs at different times. She spends time before every massage evaluating how to bring your body back to its full potential. Whether your goal is to relax, soothe sore muscles, or help get over an injury—you are certain to leave your massage with Michelle feeling your absolute best. —Chris Kawaja

The best massage in the world. It will heal you. —Zia Chishti

Michelle is by far one of the best massage therapists that I have seen (and I have seen many!). She is in tune with the dynamics of my body and my therapeutic needs. She’s able to target key areas in my body. She relieves my stress and revives me. —Velma Vales

I saw dozens of massage therapists during my career with the Oakland Raiders, and it was always a challenge finding someone who genuinely makes a difference. I found Michelle after a skiing incident had left me with some pretty bad back issues that were being treated with only marginal success by a chiropractor. After just a few sessions, the difference was remarkable. She has a great understanding of how the body works, and she addressed my needs accordingly. I only wish I had access to Michelle when I was still playing football. —Eric Bjornson

Michelle seems to have a sixth sense for how the human body functions and what specific points in the body need special attention. She is simply the best massage therapist I've ever had. —Steve Mundschau

As an avid cyclist and runner, my muscles tend to get pretty tight. I sought help to relieve knee problems arising from IT tightness. I saw many physical therapists and trainers but I wasn't getting better. I started going to Michelle regularly and I have not had any trouble since. She’s also taught me a great about how to avoid further injury. I have many teammates and friends who have been to Michelle, and all of them feel the same why I do: if you need sports-related massage/therapy, she is unbeatable. —Josh Lerner

Michelle provides a comfortable, relaxing, and positive therapeutic experience. She focuses on the cause of my pain while treating its symptoms. Her triggerpoint therapy offers instant relief. —Jim Wallace

Michelle doesn't give 'cookie-cutter' massage. She tunes into the source of the problem, and is able to "unlock" the muscles and reactivate them. Going above and beyond as a therapist, she ends many of our sessions with explanation about preventive stretches or techniques. She is one of the most talented massage therapists I've experienced in 10 years. —Sasha Verhage

The only muscle treatment that provides pain relief for me. —Denise Knickerbocker

Michelle has worked on me for 3 plus years now and I can honestly say that she has greatly improved my ability to excel as an athlete. As a triathlete, I am always pushing my body and my muscles become tight and unwilling to perform at their maximum capacity. Michelle applies multiple techniques to help release this tension, and my workouts and racing times improve significantly after each session with her. —Kathyrne Monier

Michelle is a fabulous massage therapist—skilled, strong, and compassionate. You won’t find someone better! —Mark Hertsgaard

I'm an athlete involved in a wide variety of sports and activities: Brazilian jiu-jitsu, cycling, paragliding, surfing, snowboarding, and yoga. After recently experiencing a neck spasm, I turned to Michelle because of her extensive knowledge in kinesiology of athletes and her expertise in sports massage. As a result of her triggerpoint work combined with prudent suggestions on what movements and activities to avoid, my neck spasm was gone the next week. —Nova