Michelle Maloy CMT
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Michelle seems to have a sixth sense for how the human body functions… Pain Relief & Beyond

The benefits of massage are not limited to pain relief. By helping to alleviate stress and tension, it also dispels fatigue and restores mobility, thus preventing injuries and assisting in the recovery process. Athletes will find that muscles relieved of tension will have increased capacity for strength and endurance, thus improving their overall performance.

Most of us assume that muscle soreness has to be kneaded away. While that can provide short-term relief, the only way to solve the problem is by getting to its root. Because of the body’s intricate links, the source of the problem often lies not at the pain site, but somewhere else entirely. If not treated, these trigger points—caused by everything from stress to overuse and injury—can create a vicious cycle of pain by keeping the muscle contracted and weak.

My ongoing studies in kinesiology allow me to take a comprehensive approach to my practice which includes analysis of body mechanics and movement patterns. In addition to providing pain relief, my goal is to provide my clients with education and tools they can use to improve their overall body function.