Michelle Maloy CMT
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I discovered the healing capacity of therapy after a mountain biking accident at age 22 injured my low back. The chiropractic care that followed helped, but did not alleviate the pain, while other treatments, including acupuncture and standard massage, did nothing. My search for an effective treatment lasted five years and finally led me to trigger-point therapy. After just one session, I became pain free for the first time since my injury occurred.

After training intensively for a year, I quit my my accounting job to focus on my new calling. Upon receiving my certification, I volunteered for the California AIDS ride, during which I traveled with the camp and performed massage eight to nine hours a day. Thereafter, I practiced at the Mindful Body for the next 3 years and continued to volunteer as a massage therapist at local races.

Working with athletes helped me hone the same deep tissue, sports massage and trigger point techniques that had initially provided me relief. These methods proved successful enough that I began to apply them to non-athletes and pre-natal clients with similarly effective results.

My clientele includes athletes, nine-to-fivers, weekend warriors, expectant mothers, and everything in between.


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Golden Gate Triathlon Club

Squadra Ovest California Road Racing

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