Michelle Maloy CMT
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Michelle Maloy is a talented and unique massage therapist that has been practicing since 1997. She combines her Kinesiology education, and many massage techniques, to specialize and focus on each clients' specific body issues. Each massage is different, changing the depth in which she works along with the style the best assists the clients' tissue to release.

Michelle specializes in Triggerpoint Therapy Massage and anatomy along with Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, TMJ work around the jaw muscles, energy work with Reiki and EFT Emotional Freedom Technique.

Michelle also educates her clients on how the tightness forms in their body, while helping them learn self-massage, self-healing techniques, postural changes and tips to facilitate their healing and how to unwind the tightness and feel released and relaxed between massages.

Michelle also teaches her style of Massage Therapy to massage therapists, estheticians, acupuncturists, other practitioners and couples and teaches courses in self-care, self-massage and stress reduction self-massage.